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Moving, jobs and suchlike

The move was fine. We moved on New Years Day. I find it funny to say that to anybody who asks what we did on New Years Eve. We were packing :)

But Ryan's sister got us a fondue set for Christmas. And we had bought some fine wine, or as fine as our budget will allow. And a little after midnight, perhaps at 3 am, Ryan started the fondue. This involved having to find a lighter, worrying about the candle being too small, clearing out the little coffee table. Then we watched South Park and had our fondue. This reminds me how much South Park we have been watching lately. I do like it very much, but I know it is our combined "phase" of watching things. Before this it used to be CBS News, and before that it used to be the anime Shonen Bat :)

This new place is very, very nice. It has hard wood floors in the living area, a deck that looks out to some trees, beyond which is post office, the kitchen has stone-like vinyl with plenty of counter space and a lovely backsplash, the bedroom has green walls (I love green!) and a small attached bathroom with black and white tiles (the only part I don't like are the checkerboard tiles). And there is a basement with a washer and a drier. What more could I ask for! It is perfect for two people. Ryan's going to work on the closet, by adding another horizontal rod midway to double up the hanger space. I sound like a real-estate agent, I realize that. But I love this house! :)

It looks like all three of the above paragraphs ended with smiley faces. It comes naturally when I am happy I suppose.

I am still unpacking, and rather slowly. Ryan is gone to work all day and this makes me sad. Sometimes I just go to sleep hoping that time will pass faster. Of course this is bad behavior, and I need to change that and work harder and putting things away. There are still many boxes left to unpack.

My problem is that I want too many things. Not for myself, but for the house. These are my current "wants":
1. Pflatzgraff Tea Rose Dinner Set for 4
2. Croscill Galleria comforter Set
3. This rug for the bedroom
4. A dresser to put closet overflow in
5. Two more under the bed storage drawers

You know what I really really need though? A job! An good old electrical or computer engineering job. I can write Verilog RTL faster than I can talk and I think state machines. Know of any job for me? I asked my boss at the place I interned at in January 2008. She said her group was disbanding and she did not have any leads for me. This was disappointing for me, but what really upset me was that there were very, very good engineers in that group. They should not be shuffled around or laid off or relocated. They have families!

I know when I was working there, they said instead of hiring a full-time employee in the US, they would hire an employee in India. Of course nobody working there had negative sentiments for any Indians, because they were educated enough to realize that it is not India's or the Indians' fault, but the companies greed that causes this to happen. But I feel sorry for Indians working in other environments where people don't understand how this works. Job security in commercial companies seems to be a thing of the past, where people would work in the same company for all of their lives. Now, they would leave before they were laid off.

So here I leave the blame on the companies' greed, and will not analyze it further as to what motivates it. Because I know there is a reason for them to do what they do. But atleast give the employees a heads up! Atleast don't be cheap and try to rob them of their benefits that they deserve when you lay them off to maximize your profits. They worked for you and made you into what you are.

7:16 p.m. - 2010-01-08


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