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We are forever

The previous post aggravated me so that I did not want to continue to write it. Can you tell?

The reason I was here was because during unpacking I came across a little, white cardboard box not bigger than a playing card, and not thicker than stack of them.

I opened the box, and looked at the little gold and glass vial of perfume in it, that rested on a bed of soft cotton. The perfume was nearly gone, evaporated, dispersed itself into the surroundings over time.

I carefully sniffed at it. And I was back in Jodhpur, India in January 2008. At the little gift shop in Mehrangarh fort where I found a perfume that smelled like rain. Rajasthan was magical. Everything I wished for there came true. I could gather my growing feelings for Ryan together, and wished with all my heart that Ryan was my boyfriend from atop the fort in Jaisalmer, as we looked over the fort walls. I was head over heels in love with this person I have wished for since forever but did not realize it. Rajasthan made me realize it in its quiet, magical way. It gave me a new life. A happy life with a peaceful feeling that comes from deep, deep within. Somewhere along the smell of rain has become the same as Ryan's smell. And I know that we are forever.

7:43 p.m. - 2010-01-08


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