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(Not) Work woes

While looking for jobs I come across so many positions that require exactly what I do. Except that I do not have a greencard or a US Citizenship. Yesterday I found a lead for a board design position. I think I would like to learn board design at some point, and this position was a junior level position. Perfect! I emailed the address listed there. Turned out to be a third party recruiter who called me back. After going over my resume he asked me - I see you went to school in India. So would you require the company to sponsor your visa?

What do I say - yes, that would be nice. But not necessary, because I can work without a work visa for 29 months. Really, who works longer than that in one place in these times? To which he says thought that may not be my primary concern, it is the company's concern in case they want me around for more than 29 months. And the company does not file for H1 Visas.

How would you feel about that? Would you not be upset, cry a little, sleep a little, wake up and get back to organizing the new home? I think my career is going to the dump. It is frustrating. I might take up anything, just anything that comes along. Except for software. Because to actually be a software programmer, I will have to sell my soul. And I will be selling it short.

I am kind of tired of my family asking me to take up a software job. Is it that easy to pass an interview for a software job anyway? Even if I did pass it and even if I did learn software, I might as well have thrown away all this work of getting a Masters' degree. I could have stayed in India and done software - if I wanted to.

I know I am complaining. But it is hard, awfully hard, to not.

11:58 a.m. - 2010-01-13


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