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Wedding Dresses

I am looking at wedding dresses online, when I should be packing up. No, we are not getting married yet. But I know at some point we will, and I want to be prepared :)

I think I will get our wedding clothes from Pakistan. They have the most beautiful clothes and jewelery ever! Ryan says he wants me to wear traditional Indian clothes for the wedding rather than a gown. I like gowns, but yes, Indian clothes are so much more beautiful :) By Indian I mean both Indian and Pakistani. In my head it is all the same.

Oh and I want to wear the head thing you can see in this picture here:

I am not sure what it is called, I just call it the Pakeezah headgear, because I remember it from the movie Pakeezah! And I want to wear a nose ring. A much bigger one than in the picture :-D Ryan is going to tease me about it, but that is alright, I know he likes it too! And my dress will be all red (not maroon) and gold, the nice old fashioned way. With a sweetheart neckline too. I think I am old fashioned. (pause) Sure I am. It must be old fashioned to marry out of race.(pause) I think I am a contradiction. (pause) Who cares what you are Salma, get back to packing!

Somebody once said Indian girls cry so bitterly during the ruksati/bidaai because of all the dreams they gave up on by getting married. I think I will be the happiest girl in the world because all my dreams will come true.

Bye Bye :)

~Salma and Packing-Helpy-Kitty

6:47 p.m. - 2009-12-29


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